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AI’s Potential for the Printing Industry
As run lengths get shorter and branding change-overs more frequent, reliance on human decision-making for complex planning and imposition is becoming unsustainable. In this session, learn how artificial intelligence (AI) is driving a revolution in preproduction, helping convertors estimate faster, plan smarter, and manufacture profitably. Topics covered: dynamic planning; automated imposition; workflow integration; cutsheet digital print; and wide-format printing.


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George Folickman
Sales Director @Tilia Labs, an Esko company
George Folickman is the sales director and chief evangelist at Tilia Labs, an Esko company. Having graduated from the Ohio State University with a B.A. in Political Science, George quickly abandoned an urge to attend law school in favour of a more fulfilling career in professional problem solving. With a passion for productivity, insatiable desire to Google everything, and 10 years of working for industry-leading software suppliers, George has become an expert in workflow automation, artificial intelligence, and emerging software technologies.