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The corporate road to success begins at the campus Building Constructive Communication
In the world, there is only one way to translate ideas to reality & dreams to success: To communicate effectively.

Organizations have long understood the benefits of recruiting on college and university campuses as a way to attract the best and the brightest. Historically, employers developed relationships with schools as a way to source niche talent or fill a general pipeline of interns and entry-level hires

To top the challenge, in the past few years, India has witnessed an ever-increasing employability gap. India Skills Report 2022 by a well-known assessment firm, says only 48.7% of total youth in India is employable!

Corporate recruiters from around the world continue to list communication and interpersonal competencies as top skills employers seek.

Whether it be with your manager, new team member, customer or vendor, clarity in communication is a much-desired skillset indispensable for personal growth and success. And though it may sound basic, many individuals, educational institutes and business leaders neglect this vital skillset, which can derail them from the path of success.

While at one end we are talking about this employability gap and the other we are constantly hearing the buzz about future ready talent. Campus and Corporate are often seen as two different realms that operate on different platforms with different purposes and ideologies.

However, in dynamic times as these, there is a need that these two different worlds come together under one umbrella to address and tackle some real-world issues and challenges.

Join us on this webinar to explore how to bridge this gap and build the future ready workforce

Jul 7, 2022 03:00 PM in India

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