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"Become" A Crystal Light Body
You have been Crystallized of your Crystal CODES within your Crystal Light Chakras; You have Created and Built a Crystal Light Body from the Master Consciousness that You learned how to Incept, Adapt and Activate.

NOW you are all ready to BECOME the Crystal Light Being of Master Consciousness

The Vibrations of LIGHT Intelligences that has begun entering within Gaia’s heightened Electromagnetic Pulses in Her Grid Systems does elevate our Consciousness that it is time to start get out of the 3D Conscious Body/Mind/Soul and LISTEN to what is Here!

IF your Heart and Soul of your Inner Child is ready to jump out of the 3D Box of dormancy and into the Higher Echelons of Light Star Ships of Light Consciousness

***You will be Introduced to the Teachings of how to BECOME your Crystal Light.
***You will be Amplified to a “Knowing Consciousness of Telepathically Connecting”
***You will be amplifying into an ALL Knowing of how to Connect and Communicate.
*** You will FEEL the Essence of your Liquid Light Body BECOMING You
*** You will enter into a Magnetized Consciousness of your New Light Body as you BECOME gently Attuned into Knowing you are Transforming into Crystal Light Being
5 Classes, Wednesday of Each Week of September
Video/Audio Replay to be sent within 7 business days.
Sep 29, 2021 07:00 PM
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I do understand the Healings and Techniques performed ARE NOT intended to be used as an alternative or substitute for Professional Medical treatment and care.