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WeAreVirtual: How to facilitate innovation in your team | Jo North
Taking the form of an interactive presentation then Q&A Jo will offer her experience using personal anecdotes, explaining how she works with managers and top level board members to bring together the best teams for innovation strategy, and how they can then work with the best team for the job to brng an innovation to market for maximum commercial success.

Jo frequently plays an active role in hiring and firing or advises on qualities and temperaments needed in a team.

- Jo believes you need the right blend of talent and experience - having the right people is essential. Then, you need to harness their strengths. This doesn’t mean everyone in the team will be agreeable to each other, but a degree of creative tension and debate is healthy as it pushes a team to think differently.
- ‘Wild cards’ in a team are important. They can increase the collective emotional intelligence of a team.
- Jo runs workshops on this theme, often bringing people together who haven’t met before, and encouraging them to establish the right balance for teamwork to succeed.
- With the shift in working practices as a result of COVID, Jo will also explain how managers can get the best from teams through remote meetings, and offer her expert advice on how to get the most from brainstorming sessions online.

Oct 20, 2022 12:00 PM in London

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