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Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Big Tech, Corporate America, Democrats, and left-leaning media outlets consider the Southern Poverty Law Center to be a reliable arbiter of “hate.” They have blacklisted organizations the SPLC brands “hate groups,” cutting them off from social media platforms, event spaces, online tools, and even credit cards. But the SPLC is far from credible. In March 2019, the group was wracked by a racial discrimination and sexual harassment scandal that saw its leadership fired or forced to resign. Former employees came forward exposing the “con,” showing how the SPLC exaggerates “hate” to bilk donors and attack its political opponents. This discredited group is not to be trusted, but many powerful people continue to use its “hate group” accusation to silence conservatives and exile them from polite society. Buy the book for the full story of the SPLC’s corruption and what we can do to combat it.
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