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Spooky2 Online Training Course-- Glyphosate Toxicity and Spooky2 Detox
We are delighted to have Dr. Bill McGraw as our host for this training webinar.

Training: Glyphosate Toxicity and Spooky2 Detox
Date: Thursday, November 10, 2022
Time: 09:00 AM Nanjing, China (GMT+8.00)
Guest: Dr. Bill McGraw

Dr. Bill McGraw is a multi-discipline research scientist working in the fields of agriculture, aquaculture, fisheries, coral reef ecology, and naturopathic medicine. Dr. Bill began studying medicine because of a healing crisis he was experiencing that began in 2010. He could not find a doctor or therapist that could help him and so he had to become a doctor of medicine to heal himself and medicine became a sincere passion to help others do the same. Since then, he has become a very adept healer with many full cancer cures, detox successes, and countless resolutions of many different chronic diseases for a variety of people from many different countries. Dr. Bill knows that the cure for all chronic diseases can be found using Rife technology, supplementing for mineral deficiencies, and removing toxins from the human body. He continues to educate in all of his chosen fields and he achieves a better than 90% success rate in healing people from chronic diseases.

In this webinar, Dr. Bill McGraw will talk about the following parts:
➢ The history of Glyphosate.
➢ The hidden dangers of Glyphosate Toxicity.
➢ How Spooky2 and Spooky2 Scalar helps with Glyphosate Toxicity.
➢ How to connect and operate spooky2 software for spooky2 remote?
➢ Scalar setup for BFB.
➢ A Q&A session.

We convert the time to your local time zone:
1. New York, USA (UTC-4): 08:00 PM November 9th
2. Vancouver, Canada (UTC-7): 05:00 PM November 9th
3. Sydney, Australia (UTC+11): 12:00 AM November 10th
4. London, United Kingdom (UTC+0): 01:00 AM November 10th
5. Berlin, Germany (UTC+1): 02: 00 AM November 10th

If you have any questions about this live show, please feel free to ask Dr. Bill McGraw directly or send us an email at support@spooky2-mall.com.

Nov 10, 2022 09:00 AM in Beijing, Shanghai

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