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Inside Profitability: Livestock Risk Protection
A fire, pandemic, and cybersecurity attack have rocked cattle markets over the last two years. The risks inherent in cattle production are growing every day. Cattle prices can swing wildly, and when market shocks occur, it’s too late for producers to respond.

The first of Nebraska Farm Bureau’s Inside Profitability Series will focus on price risk faced by cattle producers and provide information on a risk management tool, Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) insurance, which can be used to manage price risk. LRP is designed to insure against declining market prices for both feeder and fed cattle.

Producers participating will:
• Learn the details of LRP and how it works for both feeder and fed cattle from a Farm Bureau Financial Services expert;
• Hear first-hand from fellow cattle producers on their experiences with LRP—the good and the bad;
• Have the chance to ask questions of the panel on whether LRP might be a viable tool for their operations;
• Receive background information on LRP and contact information for members of the panel for follow up questions or for more details on LRP.

Nebraska Farm Bureau’s Inside Profitability Series is a series of webinars, podcasts, and social media events focused on producer profitability. The series will center on topics identified by Nebraska Farm Bureau members key to managing and maintaining economically viable farm and ranch operations.
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