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ZDHC网关-化学品模块和废水模块- 供应商 ZDHC Gateway-Chemical Module & Wastewater Module-Suppliers
本场研讨会针对供应商(如染厂,印花厂,后整理工厂以及水洗厂等),主题为ZDHC网关的化学品模块和废水模块,旨在帮助供应商熟悉Gateway系统及其功能,更好地理解InCheck / ClearStream报告以及最新信息。
This webinar is for Suppliers about the ZDHC Gateway - Chemical Module and Wastewater Module. This webinar intends to help to familiarise the current supplier users with the Gateway system and its functionality, better understand InCheck report/ClearStream report, as well as inform them about the latest feature updates.
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Dec 29, 2020 03:30 PM in Beijing, Shanghai

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