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Kill Your Mortgage Webinar
Imagine getting mortgage-free in 10 years – or less – instead of over 30 years. It’s not pie-in-the-sky stuff – it is possible. Savings hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest opens up a world of possibility for your family’s future. Join financial strategist Hannah McQueen for the lowdown on how to create – and stick to – a strategy to chomp through yours as fast as possible, without compromising your lifestyle - or that all-important buffer you need for uncertain times. Avoid common money mistakes, learn how to capture fritter, understand and harness your money personality and learn the best way to structure your mortgage to get ahead faster. Seize this opportunity to make progress - register your attendance to one of two dates for this webinar.

Sep 24, 2020 07:00 PM in Auckland, Wellington

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Hannah McQueen
Financial Strategist & Founder @enableMe
Hannah McQueen is a force of nature - a financial force of nature! She's helped thousands of people take control of their financial future by combining the best financial strategies, behavioural economics and coaching. Whether it's helping you get on the property ladder, getting mortgage-free faster, growing your wealth, improving your business's performance or preparing for retirement - you want Hannah on your team. She's a Chartered Accountant Fellow with her Masters in tax, an Authorised Financial Adviser, a personal finance author, media commentator, and holds the patent to the formula for how to pay your mortgage off in the fastest time, with the least interest cost and most flexibility. Don't miss her Creating Certainty Webinar Series!