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Wellness Wednesday Webinar: Top 50 FAQs: Hormone and Neurotransmitter Testing and Interpretation
Learning Objectives:

1. FAQs for salivary hormone testing and treatment of imbalances such as:

o When should I order the CAR (cortisol awakening response) and how do I interpret the results?
o Why is the melatonin elevated in my patient with insomnia?
o What is the difference between the 3 estrogens and which patients would benefit from running all three?

2. FAQs for urinary hormone metabolite testing such as:

o What is the clinical utility of urine hormone metabolite testing? How does this compare to salivary hormone testing?
o Can I prescribe hormones and adjust dosages based on these results?
o There are a few different companies that offer metabolite testing, what stands out about the HuMap?
o What types of patients would benefit from urinary hormone metabolite testing?

3. FAQs regarding urinary neurotransmitter testing such as:

o Does urinary NT testing measure brain levels?
o Can I test my patient while they are using psychotropic medications?
o Why is it recommended to avoid bananas prior to testing NTs?

4. FAQs regarding proper collection of saliva and urine samples such as:

o When should a perimenopausal female with irregular cycles collect/test hormones?
o When should I test a patient who is using bioidentical hormones?
o 24 hour/first morning void...how do I choose the right way to collect to test neurotransmitters?

Dec 7, 2022 09:30 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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