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Monday Motivation - Turning Uncertainty into Competitive Advantage
Monday Motivation - we will invite an inspiring speaker to come and talk to us for 20-25 minutes.
Our speaker this Monday:
John Stapleton is an entrepreneur, speaker, investor and business adviser. He has co-founded three businesses: The New Covent Garden Soup Co Ltd (sold 1998); Glencoe Foods Inc, and Little Dish (sold 2017). John now actively manage an investor/NED portfolio providing business-growth advice
Through story-telling and the use of numerous lessons, anecdotes and experiences from 35 years of creating, growing and exiting my own businesses and advising many others, I explain to audiences how to turn uncertainty into competitive advantage by:
• Embracing Adversity;
• Learning from and overcoming failure;
• Having the courage of your convictions;
• Leveraging your personality and realising the power of authenticity;

Anyone who has achieved anything worthwhile will have encountered adversity, challenge and setback, whether in a start-up environment, in an established corporate business or at any stage in between. My experience and insight in dealing with these realities, both on a personal and a business level - and making many mistakes along the way - resonates with audiences and motivates individuals to take action to deal with their own adversity, challenges and setbacks.

Uncertainty surrounds us all - possibly never more than at present. Uncertainty about how our product or service will be received by our target audience; uncertainty about our business future given factors seemingly outside our control; or uncertainty about our own personal ability to overcome obstacles and build a successful business, department or project team. There are no magic bullets but there are some fundamental truths which I have learned - through both success and failure – and my keynote presents these in a meaningful, understandable and relatable way for any business person to make their own.

Dec 14, 2020 09:00 AM in London

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