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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Radiology Productivity and Quality Metrics
Quality and productivity are often opposing weights in the evaluation of enterprise and individual radiologist performance, with most practices limited to assessing them independently. Without better metrics, and the means to report and manage them, quality and productivity management is severely limited.

For almost 50 years, radiologists have been using the wRVU as a primary metric for productivity though the flaws in the values assigned to many CPT codes are well recognized. Using this metric alone to assess and potentially reward production is a potentially damaging practice. Similarly, the quality metrics currently applied to radiology departmental performance largely “miss” those associated with individual radiologist performance. The most widely adopted are turn-around times, and those associated with the regulatory and payment programs which are relatively easy to track and report. This webinar, held in partnership with GE Healthcare and Quantum Imaging & Therapeutic Associates, will focus on a new approach to reporting and evaluation of individual radiologist quality and performance.

Learning Objectives:

• Recognize new metrics that more closely and consistently reflect the radiologist’s effort for a specific case and that are more readily accepted for optimal provider management and success
• Discover how radiologist performance can be more accurately assessed and compared, allowing for new “fair” compensation plans
• Analyze how these new metrics can be used to optimize radiology group practices
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