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The Relationship between Gage Management and Quality Data
Quality data is a required component of a healthy relationship between a supplier and their customer, regardless of the industry.

Both the supplier and the customer rely on the integrity of the data. When problems arise, all parties want answers and, they want them quickly.

Pinpointing the source of the issue is one of the most time-consuming tasks faced by quality professionals. Is the problem merely a measurement error, or is there an actual problem with the process? Were defective parts produced and delivered?

Sometimes we find ourselves searching for answers in the data when, in reality, the solution is in the health of the gages that took the measurements. Other times, we blame the gages rather than investigating more significant issues with production.

What if we consider them a combined system rather than treating our gages and their measurements as two separate quality components? What seems like such an obvious correlation is often overlooked due to the isolation of our gage management and quality data collection systems.

Join our expert, Derek Benson, as he covers the many benefits of creating a more close-knit relationship between your measurement data and the gages collecting it.

You will learn:
• The importance of a holistic view of your quality measurement systems
• The benefits of integrating these two commonly disconnected systems
• Common mistakes and how to avoid them

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