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Going beyond standard reporting
Reporting and dashboarding have become the standards in business when it comes to identifying KPIs and other measurements.
As such, Enterprise Data Warehouses have emerged to support the reporting process.
Though, due to the large quantity and variety of data, a demand has developed for a method of utilizing this existing data in a manner in which it can add additional business value towards a company’s needs.

Data Vault 2.0 offers a wide range of methods to provide decision support beyond standard reporting as well as critical information regarding the future.
To see for yourself, join us as we present different approaches and solutions as to fully leverage the potential of your data.


Data Vault 2.0 Intro
- Short introduction to Data Vault

- Analytics
- BI Reporting vs. advanced analytics (Figure)
- Comparison Table (Figure)
- Data Vault Use Cases

Reporting with Data Vault 2.0
- Benefits of Data Vault for reporting
- Show for each use case one example

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