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BME Volunteers and Father of an autistic son, mental health, physical activities, nutrition and lone illness, especially during Christmas and other festivities.
Yannick Nyah and grew up in Cameroon. Moving to England came with a number of challenges - the language barrier, assimilation into a new culture, growing up with his family and feeling unsettled as  moved around a fair bit. So many years on, he has a plethora of experiences under my belt – he is a qualified CF30 Investment Broker and worked for a network of local and national organisations involved in mental health.

Prior to becoming a father in 2013, he struggled with mental health. This experience and the responsibility of fatherhood became his drive (ikigai) to support his son and children in general. As a consequence, he set up a limited company BLACKMAJOR.ORG. The company works for children and with children in the community. The particular focus is on children who have Autism and ADHD. The premise is to see all children giving them a voice, their voices and enabling a support system that fosters their growth.

"I believe children are born into the challenges of the world hence our approach is also to work with the parents or primary caregivers as well as extended family networks where appropriate and applicable. If we accept the suggestion that children learn all that they come to know and understand, then it should follow that the problems we sometimes blame children for including knife crime are often the result of inadequate, insufficient, and sustained failure to meet their holistic needs.

My son has Autism and I learned to understand the impact of delayed speech, auditory impairment, difficulty maintaining eye contact, sometimes unable to relate with others, lack of sleep, and the limitations of parenting. I am able to recognise the early signs of a lack of self-esteem and how different people develop a coping strategy to accommodate this difficulty – sometimes turning to substance misuse as a solution."

Dec 17, 2020 06:00 PM in London

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