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Wise Money Talks: The Yoga of Money
Nothing exists by itself. Nothing comes from nothing. How we are “on the mat” or the meditation cushion can be a metaphor with how we engage with our life. The process is circular, we bring who we are to the practice; and the practice, if we are mindful, comes “off the mat and into the world.”

Even our financial wellbeing is connected to the way we hold our energy and use our body. If you don’t know where your foot is, how can you find your footing in your life?Paying attention, mindfully aligning your body, breath, and actions are the doorway to a more fully integrated, joyful, and prosperous being.

In this “Yoga of Money” webinar, Patricia will teach you how to apply these principles of the yogi to the everyday practice of building a joyful and successful life.

Speaker: Patricia Healey

Nov 21, 2020 09:00 AM in Vancouver

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Patricia Healey
CEO @Enlightened Achievement
Patricia Healey is an internationally acclaimed facilitator and consultant who has successfully conducted thousands of seminars worldwide to Fortune 500 companies, private industry and crown corporations.