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May FOCUS: The 5 Levers of Cash Management and Profitability
The levers of improving cash flow and profitability are universal, but in good times they aren’t prioritized. Today is a different story. It’s all about getting back to the fundamentals and we will dig into some universal truths of cash flow and profit maximization. In this hour, we will discuss how to prioritize and align your strategic plans around one or more of these cash management and profitability levers and how to measure impact:

1. Increase prices
2. Increase volume
3. Reduce cost of sales
4. Improve cash cycle (days sales, payable, inventory)
5. Reduce overhead

Join us on May 21st at 9 a.m. for our FOCUS webinar, featuring guest speaker Russell Benaroya from Stride Services, and with Equinox's founder and CEO, Michelle Bomberger.

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