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Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection Applied To Tunnels (DTS Systems)
• Understanding a Fibre-Optic Distributed Temperature Sensor System
• The advantages as an intelligent temperature profiling system for tunnels
• Exploring the ability of such a system to produce early and reliable alarm annunciations combined with maximum false alarm rejection
• Integration into tunnel safety management systems and examples of current system design topologies
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Richard Kluth
Managing Director @Bandweaver Technologies
Richard Kluth has been involved in Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing for 27 years. Richard started with DTS pioneers Sensa and installed the first ever fiber optic in an oil well in California in 1995. He has gone onto hold both technical, commercial positions and has been in senior management positions for the last 15 years. Companies he has worked for include Sensa, Schlumberger, Sensornet, Acteon and the Bandweaver group.