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Why Building My Company Culture Was “Worth Doing Wrong” on the Way to Getting It Right with Arnie Malham
You’ve been to Starbucks and The Container Store, you’ve flown Southwest and ordered shoes from Zappos, you’ve stayed at a Ritz-Carlton and shopped at Macy’s. But, about the last thing you have time for right now is building your company culture. You’ve got your hands full with client service problems, internal communication breakdowns, floor production issues, and unexpected turnover. When your business grows and becomes more profitable, you’ll hire better people, and then you’ll have time for “Culture.” You might even get a ping-pong table and go to casual dress on Fridays, but for now, you’re committed to the “micromanage, I’m right – you're wrong, work harder – not smarter” model that got you here.

You know one thing for sure: “Only really successful companies spend time, effort, and resources on culture.” I’m here to tell you…you’re right! And I’m going to show you exactly what you can do about it that will absolutely be “Worth Doing Wrong”!

You'll walk away from this session with:
-Clarity on who is most responsible for culture in your organization
-Harvestable ideas to develop and evolve your company’s culture forward
-Elimination of excuses that traditionally haunt, halt, and handicap your company culture and your team


Arnie Malham is an award-winning CEO, 8-figure entrepreneur and best-selling author who helps progressive leaders create and sustain engaging cultures within their organizations.

With more than 20 years under his belt as a successful entrepreneur, Arnie has founded and sold multiple businesses, including his most recent sale of a prominent advertising firm producing more than $60M in annual revenue. Through employing thousands of employees across three different companies, he has implemented simple, yet effective methods to create remarkable and sustainable cultures.

Jul 20, 2020 01:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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