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Heaven On Earth Sunday Workshops
Modules 4 - 6 of Cloud Nine Yoga's Advanced Yoga Teacher Training curriculum.

Sept 20: Orientation, Program Overview, Decompression of the Feet - Erika & Trin

Sept 27: Nawa Yogini Tantra & Yoni Prakshalana - Erika

Oct 4: The Moving Principles Through Life - Trinity

Oct 11: Tantric Cosmology (7 Talas & 7 Lokas) - Erika

Oct 18: Standing On the Shoulders of the Past, Hand/Arm Decompression - Erika & Trin

Oct 25: Mudras - Yoga In Your Hands - Erika

Nov 1: Energy Medicine - Acu-Yoga & Marma Therapy - Erika

Nov 8: Ayurveda for Life - The 3 Pillars of Charaka Samhita - Erika

Nov 15: Meditations from the Edge: Naked Creaturepace - Trinity

Nov 22: Intro to Functional Anatomy - Erika

Nov 29: The Thinking Body, Feeling Mind Technique - Trinity

Dec 6: Whole Body Self Treatment for Chakra Balancing

Dec 13: Trainees Final Presentations (2)
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