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Basics for operating AMALYZE Shield
In our Live webinar for operating AMALYZE Shield, we'll show you all the main controls for working with our Shield tool for Amazon and give you everything you need to quickly and efficiently navigate the system and get all the data you need.

MAIN OPERATING CONTROLS (approx. 30 minutes):

- Table configuration, date configuration, access to the EU Amazon marketplaces
- Handling of text filters, number filters, true/false filters by means of examples
- Saving, forwarding and subsequent editing of filters
- Combining filters and creating more complex queries

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS (about 15 minutes):

For operation and/or advanced functions of AMALYZE Shield

This basic webinar is a prerequisite for our focus training courses and you are welcome to attend it as often as you like. Our coaches will try to clarify all your (further) questions in the webinar or will forward your request to our support team, who will be happy to assist you after the webinar.
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