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2021 State of Technology in Distribution: Automating the Customer Journey
There is no doubt that the rate of technology adoption in distribution has accelerated over the past year. Customers are demanding it, and distributors have had a hard time meeting customer needs during the pandemic without it.

Join us June 3, 2021, for a free webinar on how and where distributors are automating the customer journey, from searching for the right product to the purchase and support after the sale. We’ll examine available technology, including tried-and-true solutions and emerging technology such as AI-enabled sales tools that are providing a better experience for the customer.

You’ll learn:
• What technologies distributors are adopting
• How they’re using those technologies to better serve customers
• Where and how technology fits into a high-touch business model
• Where opportunities lie to improve your customers’ experience

Thank you to our sponsors: Epicor, EpaCube, Conexiom and Unilog


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