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VS: Aesthetic Vein Course
Session 1: Basic Pathophysiology and Imaging
Chronic venous dysfunction in the small veins - Ron Bush
Inflammation in venous disease and the basis for drug therapy- Ignacio Escotto
Lessons learned from histology and treatment implications - Ron Bush
Why Imaging matters in patients with small veins? - Tomasz Urbanek
Ultrasound imaging in small veins - Nicos Labropoulos
Session 2: Treatment Methods
Proper dosage and techniques in sclerotherapy - Vitor Gornati
Case examples - Aleksandra Jaworucka-Kaczorowska
How to avoid sclerotherapy complications - Rodrigo Kikuchi
Tumescent assisted sclerotherapy and flushing techniques - Ron Bush
The art of microsurgical techniques: When, how and why - Rodrigo Kikuchi
Pearls for the pre and post-sclerotherapy care - Tomasz Urbanek
Session 3: How to Deal with the Fine Vein Network
Angiogensis and veins that do not respond to sclerotherapy - Ron Bush
Thermal techniques - Rodrigo Kikuchi
Combined techniques - Vitor Gornati
Clinical Case - Treating the large and small - Ignacio Escotto
Dealing with different areas in the lower limb - Ron Bush
Session 4: Small Veins in Different Body Areas
Techniques for improving cosmesis in the face - Ron Bush
Effective treatment of breast veins - Peggy Bush
Treatment of foot and hand veins - Aleksandra Jaworucka-Kaczorowska
Clinical Cases - Ron Bush and Aleksandra Jaworucka-Kaczorowska
Session 5: Practice Pearls
How to develop skills for aesthetic vein practice - Rodrigo Kikuchi
What do you need to start and how to evolve - Vitor Gornati
Talking to the patient and establishing expectations - Peggy Bush
Building and maintaining an aesthetic vein practice - Ron Bush
Session 6: Live Cases - Transmission from Sao Paulo, Brasil
Case 1 - Best use of laser
Case 2 - Combining sclerotherapy and thermal energy
Case 3 - Microphlebectomy and sclerotherapy


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