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Mental health, well-being and the security sector: how it manages its staff and how it responds to others
One of the key issues confronting society today, and all the more so following Covid-19, is the adverse mental health state of people. We have all heard about the impact of working from home, in isolation, worried about family members, suffering from family members, concerned about keeping jobs, worried about losing or having lost jobs, financial problems to name but a few. But little is known about the scale of problems being faced. Less still perhaps about the policy and practice for responding to the needs of security personnel. Meanwhile and completely differently little is known about how the security sector can respond in the best ways to others outside security with mental health problems who are causing concern and present a danger/threat to security and other staff.

• How are mental health issues being understood by the security sector,
• What measures optimum mental health and resilience provision?
• What are the threats post by Covid-19 and how should they be managed?

Aug 11, 2020 03:30 PM in London

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