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Managing Change in a Digital Transformation
Digital transformation is the integration of technology into all areas of a business, which fundamentally changes how organizations operate and deliver value to their customers. But, what does success look like in a digital transformation? Project is on time and budget? Stakeholders are engaged early and often? Business objectives are met by implementing a digital solution? Stakeholders are able to function in their jobs after Go-Live? Answer: All of the above!

In this presentation, Dennis Veltre, OCM Principal in the Arcadis Digital EHS&S Practice, will discuss the objectives, discrete activities and business benefits of developing a pragmatic, structured change management strategy early in the implementation of a digital solution. These transformations bring about a cultural change in how a business operates, and success is achieved with the buy-in and engagement of an educated and supportive user community. A comprehensive change management strategy lays a solid foundation for identifying the process prior to, during and after a digital initiative to ensure that the transformation will be both successful and sustainable.

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