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Multiparticulates 5 - Product and process development applying QbD (quality by design) and DoE (design of experiments) concepts to define DS (design space)
The QbD (quality by design) approach is a modern concept for the development of pharmaceutical products and manufacturing processes aiming for a consistent reproducible quality. Risk assessment is performed at defined milestones in order to define critical aspects of product composition and manufacturing processes. The DoE (design of experiment) concept is applied to quantitatively evaluate processing impacts on the product quality. Finally, a DS (design space) for manufacturing parameters within which process variations are possible without the need to re-validate a process is described and registered. Case studies demonstrate how the QbD approach can be applied in practice.
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Dr. Norbert Pöllinger
Head of Technology Development @Glatt Pharmaceutical Services GmbH
Norbert Poellinger is heading the Technology Department unit. Until 2018, he was responsible for Development and Manufacturing Services Group at Glatt Pharmaceutical Services which included Pharmaceutical Development, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Plant Engineering. He studied pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Erlangen, Germany and received a PhD degree in Pharmaceutical Technology. Currently, the recently formed Glatt Pharmaceutical Services GmbH & Co.KG focuses on controlled release and taste masked multiparticulates including minitablets and tablets. Drug products for the paediatric and geriatric population are of particular interest. Logistic services have become a new service opportunity of Glatt.