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Pencil Grasp & Handwriting - Why Some Children Struggle
There are so many reasons why a child can find holding their pencil, letter formations or writing a challenging task.

Understanding the underlying skills that need to be in place for a child to be able to write in a legible manner, will help you know where to start when working on their skills.

Why does a child have a different grip, why do they put pressure on the page, why do they form their letters from the bottom? Let’s explore these questions and more.

This 90minute webinar will explore this topic in detail, offering practical knowledge, strategies and tools that can be used in the school environment. There will also be plenty of time for an interactive Q&A.

Attendees will be provided with a Certificate of Attendance, a letter formations digital booklet and a list of my favourite products to develop fine motor skills.

Live attendance at the webinar is necessary as recordings won’t be available.
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