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Heat Delay in Poinsettias
Welcome to the American Floral Endowment's Grow Pro Webinar Series! Throughout this series, our nationally recognized researchers, hosts, and speakers will offer ‘how-to’ advice based on AFE-funded and other research projects to help the industry navigate through these ever-changing growing challenges. The webinar topics are current and offer long-term opportunities for growers to focus on increased profit, greater sustainability, and improved labor efficiency. Each session includes a presentation and interactive Q&A. To see the full series calendar visit endowment.org/GrowPro.

The August 24th session of our series focuses on heat delay in poinsettias.

Heat delay of poinsettia flowering is of growing concern across the U.S. as climate change has caused fall weather patterns to be less predictable and many regions of the country are experiencing higher average temperatures. A few extra degrees of heat at the wrong time can easily cause a one to two week delay in flowering, which can be disastrous for growers. Our research has focused on improving our understanding of the timing and magnitude of the high temperatures that cause heat delay and developing practical solutions to help growers avoid missing target market dates. Our results reveal that poinsettias are not equally susceptible to high temperatures throughout the fall. There are specific weeks of the poinsettia season that high temperatures will cause the largest delays in flowering. We have also identified the specific temperatures during the day and night that are most critical to avoid. By increasing our understanding of the variables that contribute to heat delay, we have identified practical solutions to avoid missing target market dates, such as cultivar selection and black-clothing. These solutions will be discussed so that growers have practical options for addressing this phenomenon.

Speaker: Jim Faust, Clemson University
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Aug 24, 2021 01:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Jim Faust
Assoc. Professor of Floriculture Physiology @Clemson University
Jim Faust teaches and does research on floriculture crops at Clemson University. He has been in the floriculture industry for 34 years. His research includes work on the effect of daily light integral on plant growth, and he has created the DLI maps available on the AFE website.