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How to pass EDRA
The objectives of this session are to show, with the help of examples, how EDRA part I and II are designed and how to prepare for the different sessions. Part I consists of a written exam with single best answer (SBA) and multiple choice questions (MCQ). How to prepare, what topics to expect? These points will be highlighted by the Chair of EDRA part I. EDRA part II is a practical (anatomy and ultrasound on a model) and discussion (anaesthesia case and regional anaesthesia-related complication). What to expect in the practical part and how to best prepare for the discussion? This will be highlighted by the Chair of EDRA part II. Moreover, we will explain, how COVID-19 pandemia has influenced our examination modalities. The new workshop criteria and point system will be presented.

Chaired by José Aguirre (Switzerland)
Speakers: Narinder Rawal (Sweden) & Morné Wolmarans (UK)

Regional anaesthesia enthusiasts (from residents to consultants) wishing to bring their regional anaesthesia knowledge to the next level and to be awarded with a prestigeous international diploma for their efforts.
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