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Challenges facing the Serious Fraud Office: Here and Abroad
The panel will analyse a range of significant issues currently facing the SFO and, in some cases, its European counterparts.

The issues to be analysed and discussed will include:

The KBR judgement. Assessing what the Supreme Court ruling on section 2 powers will mean for obtaining evidence that is beyond the SFO’s jurisdiction.
The possibility and extent of cross-border, inter-agency cooperation in the wake of Brexit.
Deferred prosecution agreements. What have we learnt from the DPAs concluded so far? How does the French experience of them compare?
The challenges and approaches taken in notable recent investigations in the UK and Europe.
The effect of delays caused by Covid-19.
The possible implications of recent UK and European developments, such as the UK Law Commission’s corporate criminal liability review, calls for alignment of EU states’ anti-corruption laws and the European Banking Authority’s revised money laundering guidelines.


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