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How to Lead Courageously with Waqi Munim
How to Lead Courageously

Courage is the most critical attribute for leadership in business and life and is best defined as the opposite of conformity. Courage is the breaking of the box of limitations to explore, try new ideas by stepping outside your comfort zone, take calculated risks, continually learn and work to find better new solutions for value creation.

The biggest challenge for leaders is conformity to old ideas, beliefs, and thinking patterns. The world is changing fast, and in recent times the pace of change has been unprecedented and requires a frame of thinking that is flexible and can adjust and adapt to the newer challenges by finding better solutions instead of reapplying past practices without modifying! them.
Leading with courage is about becoming better and stronger when the stakes are high, and this can only be done when leaders have. A calm mind is free of clutter, and they continuously work on improving themselves instead of basking in past glory.

In the session, I will talk about 'Leading with Courage' in the context of my 30 years of the corporate world experience. As I journeyed from P&G to ProsiebenSat1 to Consulting. I will share some ideas on how by disciplining the mind through positive rituals, we can continuously expand our frame of thinking to find better solutions to our ever-increasing challenges.
Hope to see, you all in the session.

Aug 8, 2023 09:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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