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Wellness Wednesday Webinar: Taking Action: Hormone Testing and Prescribing
Learning Objectives:

1) Learn the historical basis for BHRT

2) Understand the advantages and disadvantages to utilizing compounded hormones

3) Become familiar with the history of compounded hormone and current regulations/quality control

4) Easily determine dosing starting points and schedules as they pertain to estradiol, estriol, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and cortisol

5) Become familiar with delivery options and the benefits and drawbacks as they pertain to each hormone

6) Identify laboratory monitoring schedules

7) Obtain clinical pearls from decades of BHRT prescribers’ expertise

Aug 5, 2020 09:30 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Laura Neville ND
Laura Neville graduated from the National University of Naturopathic Medicine and maintains a private practice with a focus on endocrine health in Portland, OR. Her love for functional medicine began as she awoke from the haze of her less-than-healthy childhood, filled with Pepsi Clear and Cool Ranch Doritos, to realize the wonders of whole food, yoga and a good night’s sleep. From that point on, there was no turning back. Dr. Neville’s undergraduate studies in Exercise Science took place at the University of California, Davis. She also has a background in massage therapy, craniosacral bodywork and both personal and professional training in type 1 diabetes care. Dr. Neville is also a staff physician at Labrix, by Doctors Data, a diagnostic laboratory, where she reviews hundreds of hormone and neurotransmitter results and consults with physicians around the world on complex cases.