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Space exploration with remote medicine/telemedicine
Space exploration has always been one of the human dreams. The impossible has been possible by the human desire to probe and discover the unknowns. Goethe states: “If you want to reach the infinite, then explore every aspect of the finite.” In our century, technological advancement has helped scientists to prove and disprove not only theories developed on earth, but also fulfill the human dream to explore the unknown, including space travel. Over these years, digital transformation in space travel has led to extraordinary accomplishments for human life. Today, in addition to astronauts' space exploration, we are experiencing the rise of commercial space travel. Monitoring and treatment of space travelers is embracing telemedicine technologies more than ever before. In this webinar, our speakers will talk about the opportunities and challenges to support human life quality in the space environment through telemedicine, and how this has also advanced and improved (access to) healthcare on earth.

This webinar, presented by the ISfTeH Working Group on Digital Transformation Leadership and the ISfTeH Working Group on Digital Health for Space and Extreme Environments, will feature:

Prof. Dr. Dina Ziadlou
Professor, Colorado Technical University, USA
Board member, ISfTeH & Chair, ISfTeH Working Group on Digital Transformation Leadership, Switzerland

Prof. Charles Doarn
NASA Space Specialist, USA
Division Director and University Professor at University of Cincinnati, Collage of Medicine, USA

Prof. Thais Russomano
Founder & CEO, InnovaSpace, UK
Member, IAA (International Academy of Astronautics) Board of Trustees
Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Prof. Dr. Simone Farah
Cardiologist, Brazil
Coordinator, ISfTeH Student Membership

May 27, 2022 03:00 PM in Brussels

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