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Web Conference - Real Estate Investment Trends
Real estate investments are booming. The latest inflows into real estate strategies are proof of this. In recent months, real estate funds have been one of the few asset classes that have been able to attract investor money globally. The call for real estate as a safe haven seems almost inevitable in the current situation.

But how interesting are real estate investments really in the current market situation? Real estate investors have a pronounced home bias. However, it makes sense to broaden the view in a globalised world. With REITS, open-ended and closed-end real estate funds there are various investment instruments available.

The supreme discipline lies in the geographical selection of the real estate market. The spectrum ranges from the USA and Europe to emerging markets. Our web conference offers exciting impulses for real estate investors and presents some of the most interesting investment strategies.

Participation exclusively for professional investors.

All presentations will be held in English.
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