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In Pursuit Of Silence Inside BEVs: The New Products Behind The Next Level Of Acoustic Comfort
• The new sources of noise inside a BEV do not carry an emotional message like an engine sound does
• What is the expectancy of the public in terms of acoustic comfort?
• The new sources of noise of a BEV: what should the sound package look like considering dedicated platforms’ designs?
• Treatment of e-powertrain high frequency tonal noises by encapsulation
• Efficient sound package to reduce rolling noise
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Davide Caprioli
Head of Product Acoustic and Thermal Performance @Autoneum
Davide is currently working as Head of Acoustic and Thermal Management at Autoneum. His current work focuses on leading the functional assessment and validation of any novel product of the Autoneum product portfolio by means of testing and simulation. Davide holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and has been working at Autoneum for more than 20 years.
Philippe Godano
Global Product Manager Interior & Product Marketing Manager @Autoneum
Philippe is currently working as Product Marketing Manager and Global Product Manager Interior at Autoneum. In his latter function, Philippe manages a global portfolio of products and technologies related to automotive interior NVH applications like main floor carpets and inner dashes. Philippe is a mechanical engineer with a post graduate degree in acoustics and has been working at Autoneum for more than 20 years.