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Develop resilient people & teams who thrive: Three simple science-based steps for success in the COVID-world
Even before the Coronavirus pandemic, we lived in a challenging world where being our best and fulfilling our individual and collective potential was difficult. But we don't have to struggle. There is a solution.

Improve individual, team and organisation resilience, well-being, performance and Transformational Leadership

To effectively respond to the challenge of our fast-changing world, we can help our people to adopt a ‘Purposeful Developmental Mindset’. In practice this means that people are empowered to build more helpful well-being, performance and leadership habits. If a business or organisation is filled with people who are growing and thriving, so will the organisation. Businesses that adopt this approach gain the following type of results throughout their workforce:

● Happier people
● Improved performance
● Greater well-being
● Enhanced resilience
● Reduced stress
● Improved confidence
● Improved productivity
● Increased creativity and innovation
● More Transformational Leaders
● Truly high-performing teams
● Successful change management

In this webinar you will learn how to begin helping your people develop Purposeful Developmental Mindsets, and more helpful habits. We will cover:

1. An introduction to how brains work. We’ll show why most of what we think and do is mindless – a habit, and why achieving optimal well-being and performance can be challenging.

2. A simple tool to help your people analyse their own good and bad habits (we provide this for FREE).

3. Powerful insights from our award-winning training and coaching, based on cutting-edge behavioural science. They’ll help you begin helping your people to build new habits in as little as 2-minutes per day.

This will be a short, entertaining TED talk-style presentation by award winning performance consultancy, Tougher Minds. It will be followed by a discussion and a Q&A.

Dec 10, 2020 12:30 PM in London

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Dr Jon Finn
Tougher Minds® and MePower-TeamPower® Founder @Tougher Minds®
The session will be led by Dr Jon Finn, Tougher Minds Founder. Dr Finn and his colleagues have trained and coached 10,000+ people, advised Government and Think-tanks. They work with global businesses, elite sport and leading education institutes, and featured in Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph and People Management. “Tougher Minds makes complex science simple and practical so that our people, individually and collectively, can boost their well-being and performance.” - Managing Director of a global technology company “The Tougher Minds approach helps me get the most out of my working day.” - Senior Sales Executive, Multinational Company “l got the most out of myself & my young squad. We won the League!” - Premier League Football Manager