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Perspectives from Leaders in Customer Loyalty: How Has Customer Experience Evolved?
Loyalty360 and Salesforce discuss top trends, challenges, and opportunities shared by brand marketers

To better understand customer loyalty’s evolving facets, Loyalty360 regularly speaks with senior-level brand marketers for first-hand insights and their perspectives on the industry’s challenges and opportunities today.

In our latest Loyalty360 Executive Perspective report, we asked marketers, “How has the customer experience changed, both internally and externally, in recent months and years?”

Join Loyalty360 and Salesforce as we dive into the top trends and feedback shared by brand marketers. We will share brands’ responses during the webinar, as well as our perspectives and key takeaways focused on customer experience.

Key topics to be covered during the webinar include:
• Impacts of personalization on customer experience
• Meeting your customer where they are
• Upgraded and enhanced experiences
• How brands can deliver on ease and simplicity

All attendees will receive a copy of the Executive Perspectives Report on customer experience following the webinar, as well as a recording of the webinar that will be available for a limited time.


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