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What's the problem? The Importance of Anatomic Body Part Labeling | A HIMSS-SIIM EI Community Event
Join the authors of the recently JDI published article The Importance of Body Part Labeling to Enable Enterprise Imaging: A HIMSS-SIIM Enterprise Imaging Community Collaborative White Paper, as they discuss this Time Sensitive topic!

Enterprise imaging is at an early crossroads. The ability to share medical images meaningfully between entities, or even internally within an entity, is dependent on a common language. Today, we rely on “translators”, such as data value and code “crosswalks”, to establish a common understanding of the information from disparate sources. This approach treats a symptom—the need to translate data from one entity to another—but it does not address the root cause, which is the failure to deploy a universal medical terminology.

Objectives -
1. Raise awareness of the importance for standardizing anatomical body part labeling to enable Enterprise Imaging.
2. Gather feedback from the imaging informatics community to identify a path forward.


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