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Bounceback Higher - Dental Accountants Scotland Webinar - Business planning best practice for the new normal
As a continued effort to support our clients and the Scottish Dental Sector as a whole we are delighted to offer our 'Bounceback Higher' series of webinars.

We are delighted to welcome Guy Meyers from Software of Excellence/Exact alongside us to give insight on practice management considerations.

To help navigate through the challenges arising from the Covid-19 crisis this webinar sets out to deliver an overview on the financial impact to date along with the considerations required for business planning through the phased return and beyond!

This webinar will undertake a 'deep dive' in to the key performance measurements for every practice along with the easiest ways to make a big difference.

Key objectives
- To provide clarity on the business planning methods of best practice for ongoing adoption
- To provide benchmarks in the key areas which all Scottish Dental Practices should be monitoring
- To provide insight in to the tools and methods which can be adopted to make oversight simpler
- To relate these techniques to the 'new normal' and ensure the impact of Covid-19 can be mitigated

This webinar is provided free of charge, but numbers are restricted.


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