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Retailer-Solution Provider Collaboration to Move the Industry Forward
The retail loss prevention industry has utilized webinars to keep security topics relevant for years. Recently however, with the absence of conferences due to COVID-19, we are seeing a massive uptick in webinar-based continuing education programming. This form of training has become a new standard as well as created a new way of networking to both end users and solution providers.

Many webinars hosted by vendors are somewhat pitchy and rightly so due to the cost. With our topic, it will feel different not just because of the lack of pitch but rather the educational value we are adding. This is refreshing for everyone. Our hopes are that we can coach, teach, train, and entertain, all while the listener will see that Hanwha is a forward-thinking company with our core value “Built on Trust.”

Listen as our panel of loss prevention professionals answer the questions below as well as share the importance of understanding each other’s business, sharing problems, and providing solutions. Our industry is built on trust and integrity, which is why it’s so important everyone collaborates in the game to win.

• What’s the difference between a vendor and a solution provider?
• How can you build your personal and professional network?
• Can you turn a “blame culture” in your company into a problem-solving culture?



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