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50strong EmployerConnect Feb 11
Join us on Thursdays this Spring to connect with veteran leaders from leading, military-ready, currently-hiring employers who want to share insight for your civilian career journey!

Attend as many sessions as you like - join us live or watch the replay. Each week features different topics & employer partners.

THIS WEEK: Are you familiar with the B2B (Business-to-Business) industry?  These are companies that provide services to other companies so you may not be as familiar with their company names but they represent a significant part of the US economy (for companies with >500 employees,~70% are considered B2B.

Join us to explore companies that offer B2B services with roles in client services, project management, project implementation, analytics *AND* we'll talk about the importanoe of relationship-building & solution-focused business development.

We're excited to welcome Fortune 500 ADP as well as two smaller orgs that you may be less familiar with:  Numerator a tech-based market research provider to many Fortune 100 companies, and The PMO Squad, a small consulting shop focused on project management expertise.

This series is made possible by support from Wells Fargo, Amazon, ADP & TEKsystems and all are welcome!


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