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The Sample Landscape 2021: Challenges and Changes in the Industry
For several years, the online sample industry has been undergoing some major changes to the landscape. However, 2020 presented challenges and changes like no other year the industry has seen before. We saw some trends accelerate, others emerge, and an overall shift in the industry. We took the time to review our research on research from the past year and concluded—the sample industry doesn’t look the same.

You probably already know now that online panels are different from one another, but this past year has proved just how much panels can change over time and the real effects this can have on results.

EMI regularly conducts research on the sample industry to understand these changes and identify how we can ensure you get the best online sample, no matter what challenges are presented. Let us be your guide through the ever-evolving sample landscape.

Register for our webinar, The Sample Landscape 2021: Challenges and Changes in the Industry, to learn the latest on the changing online sample industry and what it means for your current and future studies.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
• The Pandemic’s Impact on the Landscape
• How Panels change over time
• How you can use this Information on your Studies
• And much more!


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