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AYP NeuroNinja Programme Webinars for Parents, Carers and Students Spring 2022
23 February 8pm
From Study Zero to Study Hero (1)
For parents and carers of students preparing for exams in the next two years we’ll walk you through the daily behaviours that take your child from a study zero to a study hero. Back by popular demand after we ran this last term.

24 February 8pm
Study Zero to Study Hero (2)

Wednesday 9 March and Thursday 10 March 2022 – 8pm
Build Great Sleep
A webinar for parents, carers, school staff and students all about how to improve your sleep. Sleep is one of the most important of the 12 Rocks, in this webinar we’ll be exploring what daily habits improve its quality everyday

Wed 16 March 8 – 8:30pm
Thu 17 Marc 8 – 8:30pm
Unleash Little and Often Learning
Unleash Little and Often Learning
How to help your child turn daily little and often learning practice into a system to grow, improve and learn any skill (even ones that they’re really struggling with). This system works for any brain, so it will work for us as adults too. Unleash your learning power.

Anxiety Masterclass for Parents and Carers
Wed 23 March 8 – 8:30pm
Thu 24 March 8 – 8:30pm

Anxiety is a modern scourge blighting many people’s lives and causing untold suffering. In this informative, engaging and inspiring pair of webinars we teach you the science of anxiety and how to help yourself and your child build back better from anxiety

Living in Balance in an ASC Brain

Wed 30 March 8 – 8:30pm
Thu 31 March 8 – 8:30pm
We look at what neuroscience tells us about the possible causes of ASC and how to live in balance inside one of the most incredible, amazing and inspiring human brains possible. We celebrate ASC minds and their incredible way of seei
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