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Customer satisfaction at scale – learning from data-driven Uber
A webinar featuring insights into Uber’s data-driven strategy for creating and sustaining customer satisfaction at enormous scale, followed by panel discussion with utilities representatives.

Delivering high levels of sustained customer satisfaction, at scale, is the holy grail for energy and water companies functioning in demanding regulatory environments and cut-throat competitive markets against a backdrop of growing expectation for outstanding, personalised experiences from consumers.

Most utilities are working hard to apply technology and data analytics in new ways to raise their game on customers satisfaction. But what can energy and water companies learn from beyond their sectors about how to leverage all their data and technology for really transformative impacts on the experiences and perceptions of customers?

In this Utility Week webinar, hosted in association with Celonis, listeners will have the opportunity to hear from the ubiquitous mobility-as-a-service giant Uber about its mammoth, digitally enabled customer service operation and its drive for uplifts in satisfaction.

This case study will be followed by panel discussion with senior utilities representatives to explore the scope for useful lessons to be carried across sector divides and highlight areas of similarity and difference in challenges face by the participating companies.

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