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Industry Report: The Key Phone Trends of 2022 from a Dentist's Perspective
As dental managers, owners, and providers reflect back on 2022, it's important to evaluate areas of excellence and improvement. One key tool - the phone - has enabled dental practices to capture new patients, bolster patient experience, and convert more marketing campaigns into tangible revenue. In fact, phone performance can be THE determining factor in whether or not a dental organization considers a given year a success.

In this live webinar, Call Box's Ford Kirk and Dentacloud's Dr. John Maggirias will uncover the top five phone trends of 2022 and reveal how these trends have impacted dental practices and DSOs. They'll look back at the lessons learned from 2022 and share specific phone handling metrics owners and managers should look to improve in 2023. Furthermore, they'll reveal emerging trends in phone handling technology and techniques to look out for in the upcoming year.

Attend to learn:
1. The top 5 phone trends of 2022 and how your dental practice stacks up
2. Key areas of phone handling performance to improve upon in 2023
3. Phone handling benchmarks and KPIs you should be focused on
4. Emerging trends in phone handling technology and techniques

Apr 6, 2023 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Ford Kirk
Director of Strategic Initiatives @Call Box
For over five years, Ford has been part of the Call Box team, serving in a multitude of roles and positions working with both clients and partners. The main goal of each engagement is founded on helping our clients improve their processes by taking important and meaningful data and crafting applicable solutions.
Dr. John Maggirias
CEO @Dentacloud, Inc.
With over 20 years of experience in the dental industry, Dr. John has managed, grown, and brokered over $500M in dental practice assets. Dental analytics was his entry into dentistry and continues to drive his current work. As an independent researcher and as an epidemiologist in the CDHSRU at the University of Toronto, he has published and developed analytics and KPIs that are being used widely today in the dental industry. His breadth of knowledge in the macro economy of dentistry is paralleled by his deep knowledge of the micro economics of a dental practice, which he developed while he was practicing. He continues to build Dentacloud, the data hub for the future of the dental industry in North America.