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Unleash the potential of Enterprise Service Management!
Have you considered Enterprise Service Management (ESM) to improve your organization’s performance, efficiency and service delivery – internally as well as externally?

Many organizations have noticed the success model of handling IT operations and support (i.e. IT Service Management - ITSM), and have applied these principles to other business areas such as Finance, Legal, HR and Customer Support. That is ESM - taking what works well with ITSM and applying it across the rest of the organization.

However, the industry has long been dominated by the players like ServiceNow and Cherwell, both representing the “old approach” of ITSM solutions – individual configurations as single tenants, one for each customer, with an option of individual tailoring. But! At a hidden price of high maintenance costs, expensive upgrades, and limited ability to get beyond a few simple ITIL processes before the budget is consumed.

The future of ITSM & ESM is to move to the next generation toolset that is designed for cloud, running as a pure SaaS solution, where most of the functionality doesn’t need customization. With more ITIL functionality out-of-the-box, upgrades and updates will happen all the time, new accounts can be added at no further cost, while certain features can still be enabled/disabled and individually tailored to your company!

This is exactly what 4me® - the customers’ preferred choice according to Gartner - offers to you! A cloud-native, modular solution, that provides you with ITSM, ESM and even Service Integration and Management(SIAM) functionalities out-of-the-box. Forget about expensive, legacy solutions. Save your money and get your ROI within the first few years with 4me® – fully integrated ITSM, ESM & SIAM solution to your organization!

Join our webinar on Thursday to learn more about it. Webinar is best suited for CIOs, CTOs, CFOs. Duration 35min.

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Morten Stender
Partner @Staun&Stender
Morten is one of the founding partners at Staun&Stender - a leading advisory and solution provider to business change and transformation. Morten brings professional background of strategy management and successful strategy implementation across the large cap segment. He has researched and practiced consulting in strategy, planning and IT Management since 90’s. Morten holds a PhD, M.Sc. and B.Com from the Technical University of Denmark and Copenhagen Business School. He is an IEEE reviewer and appointed examiner at Danish Universities.