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Up for Debate: Genetically Engineered Foods
In some countries, genetically engineered plants have been on the market for decades, in others, they are completely banned. At the same time, our agricultural system is faced with many challenges, including rapid changes in seasons and climates. In this round table, we will discuss the potential of techniques available to us. We will begin with some background on the topic and then hear from our diverse group of speakers to openly chat about the advantages and disadvantages of these techniques and why some people and countries might be more keen to adopt them than others.

Hosted by Marie Brueser, TFF Community Manager with a PhD in Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics, who will kick off the session with an introduction to the topic.

Details about the Panellists will be added here soon.

Open Conversations are lively and open 60-minute conversations with high-levels of audience participation. Each episode is led by a TFF Community leader coming from diverse locations around the world. The aim is to explore relevant topics with inputs and perspectives from the local, regional and global levels. A select group of panellists will have the chance to participate on-screen. Attendees who register via the public link are joining as silent listeners and can use the Q&A feature to ask questions.

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