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Seniors Housing Valuation Outlook: Fundamental Marketplace Drivers in Today’s Environment
Extraordinarily tight labor markets causing staffing shortages and the recent dominance of the delta variant make it a less-than-sure bet the seniors housing industry reverts to pre-pandemic vigor by the close of 2021.

Still, there’s sun on the horizon — 31 NIC MAP Primary Markets reported an increase in occupancy over the second quarter — and many industry observers feel bullish about the seniors housing industry’s long-term health.

What does it mean for valuations and investment activity? Find out during Seniors Housing Business’ September 28th webinar, “Seniors Housing Valuation Outlook: Fundamental Marketplace Drivers in Today’s Environment?”

This broadcast, scheduled for September 28 from 2:00-3:00 pm EDT, is the third in a series of four 2021 webinars examining the industry’s valuation outlook.

Topics to be discussed:

• Who’s buying and selling right now?
• What are some of the major transactions that have closed this year?
• Occupancy rates and census update
• Is now the right time to buy, sell or hold?
• What is the availability of capital in this environment?

Webinar panelists include Clint Malin, Chief Investment Officer, LTC REIT; Mark Lamb, Chief Investment Officer, CareTrust REIT; Rich Lerner, Executive Vice Chairman, Housing, Healthcare & Finance; Jacob Gehl, Executive Managing Director & Co-Founder, Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors; and moderator, JP LoMonaco, President, Valuation & Information Group.
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