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Advancing the Humanitarian-Development-Peace nexus: Responding to Rapid Urban Population Growth and Displacement
"Some cities in Burkina Faso and other African countries have tripled or doubled their population within the last year, due to increased violence and armed conflict. In addition to navigating climate change impacts in the region, many urban areas have become sites of refuge for persons displaced by conflict. Many displaced persons, refugees and people in vulnerable situations find themselves in tents or other informal dwellings, often in underserviced, unplanned or risk-prone areas of cities. The lack of access to basic services, health and education services as well as food insecurity has put many internally displaced persons (IDPs) in vulnerable situations. As the situation becomes protracted, local authorities with very limited resources are struggling to provide for this group of people. Humanitarian actors, in cooperation with governments at different levels, have provided fast track humanitarian aid, but as the situation continues to worsen, innovative approaches, that ensure more sustainable solutions for the inclusion of displaced people in cities will need to be found.These approaches will need to aim not only to improve the situation of the displaced, but also of the host communities, while taking accelerating environmental and climate resilience concerns into account. Amidst all these practical and technical undertakings, participatory planning processes will also be needed to support the re-establishment of social cohesion, and a harmonious living environment for these complex urban areas.

Hosted by: UN-Habitat and MMC (Mayors Migration Council), Burkina Faso"

May 26, 2021 01:00 PM in Johannesburg

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