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The China Profit Accelerator
The China profit accelerator will help you do just that. This is for China leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs to take their China business to a new level of income and profitability by starting with your numbers.

Let us be honest here: Do you get a knot in your stomach when it is time to make a financial decision related to your China business?

You are not alone. In fact, 63% of entrepreneurs have lost sleep over a money issue in the last 90 days. This does not have to be you. Because this can be changed.

Losing money hurts. Everyone makes a bad decision here and there and loses money. That is just business. But is it happening to you more than occasionally?

Join the China Profit Accelerator workshop if you are:

• Not a number’s person in your China business
• Having communication barriers with your China finance department
• You do not know your profit margins, or you know that you are losing money
• You do not know if you are spending the right amount on expenses
• You do not know the next place to start making money within or by adding a line of business
• You never feel like you are keeping any money from working so hard
• Cash seems to be gone as soon as it shows up
• You worry about money in your business every month

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